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"What is needed is some person, some institution, some inescapable 'force' that captures the imagination of our citizens and demonstrates that cancer and other diseases will be eliminated only when each of us comes to understand that this can only occur as part of a lifelong process of sanity, balance, moderation, and self-respect."

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"Dr. Charles B. Simone, an expert in the field of cancer research and treatment, is an individual for whom I have the highest respect."
    Peter W. Rodino, Jr.
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"If everyone would follow Dr. Simone’s Plan, we would make major strides toward putting the cancer doctors out of work."
    Robert A. Good, M.D.,Ph.D.
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    Dr. Linus Pauling,
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    Dan Burton, Chairman
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"Charles Simone Phenomenon" by William Pitts

William Pitts, a professional marketing practitioner, wrote this section. His long involvement with Dr. Simone for the evolving plan of the Simone Protective Cancer Center began in 1984 and makes him uniquely qualified to comment on and characterize the potential of Dr. Simone's War on Cancer and other diseases.

'Charles Simone is an American Original. He is endowed with certain compelling personality characteristics, and has crafted a career of such dazzling accomplishments that one can only marvel at the future possibilities of this remarkable young man.

His professional credentials alone simply boggle the mind: he is one of the few physicians in the world whose experience in cancer prevention, detection, and treatment includes immunology, chemotherapy, and radiation oncology. And unlike so many conventional doctors, his extensive and intensive work led him to the conclusion that this growing scourge cannot and will not be eradicated by a magic bullet, a sudden cure, a quick fix.

His approach to cancer is an approach to living. He sees cancer as a corruption of the process of living itself, of the cellular reproductive cycle. Cancer is not an agent to be hunted down -- rather, it is a distortion of nature itself, a result of external environmental intrusions, by self-destructive ingestions of perilous diets, tobacco, alcohol, stress, inactivity, and other risk factors.

It is thus entirely remarkable to encounter a consummate professional like Charles Simone, whose knowledge of the physiology of cancer is so intimate - who nonetheless approaches the cancer enigma as a problem that can only be solved by learning how to live sensibly.

My first encounter with Dr. Simone occurred in 1984, when my wife was struggling to survive, through surgery and chemotherapy, advanced ovarian cancer. The incisiveness and truthfulness of his insights reinforced my lay impressions of what was the state of the art of cancer care: it was, I concluded, a process that required the patient's destruction in order to survive.

The world, and surely America, cries out for the sanity and intelligence of Dr. Simone's approach to the heinous disease, which strikes so many of us and whose "cure" is largely elusive or statistically disguised ("cure" means surviving 5 years after treatment - if death occurs after 5 years, the "cure" is unaltered in the statistical record). But what is most striking about the Simone approach is its remorseless adherence to sane living, with no attempt to even suggest that there is or can ever be a swift answer to cancer.

He speaks almost like a prophet, of living in moderation, of clearing away the incursions of environmental perils, of eating sensibly, of respecting our bodies and treating ourselves with an almost religious devotion, of not smoking, of drinking judiciously - of trying to understand that all of us can preserve and enhance the cellular reproductive process in each of us by living the good life.

In a culture of hype, of quick solutions and glib answers, this is not the message that Americans necessarily wish to hear - but that process of re-evaluation is already underway. We are becoming more conscious of nutrition, of exercise, of stress, toxins, and the dangers of tobacco and alcohol. What is needed is some person, some institution, some inescapable "force" that captures the imagination of our citizens and demonstrates that cancer will be eliminated only when each of us comes to understand that this can only occur as part of a lifelong process of sanity, balance, moderation, and self-respect.

But Dr. Simone is not a theoretical visionary. He is admirably trained and has an excess of adrenaline that keeps him in constant motion, and he has a genuinely entrepreneurial urge to succeed, accomplish, and grow.

He was trained at the National Cancer Institute where he discovered the fundamental mechanism of how human white cells kill; how adriamycin kills cancer cells; and developed the idea of splicing monoclonal antibodies to killing cells which seek out and destroy cancer cells - this he calls, directed effector cells.

Dr. Simone found new direction as a result of his cancer patients. Vice President Hubert Humphrey died not of his cancer but of malnutrition. Later, a man his own age with cancer came to him and asked Simone to keep him alive for the birth of his child. Intensive chemotherapy cleaned out his cancer cells, but he was dying. "I decided finally, at last resort, to put him on high doses of vitamins and minerals that quickly produced a seemingly miraculous, if temporary recovery." The man did see his son.

He researched the effects of nutrition on cancer and the possibilities of cancer prevention. The result was a milestone work, "Cancer and Nutrition" the only book of its genre endorsed by the late George Stringfellow of the American Cancer Society. He wrote 2 more books: A Healthy Start, and Breast Health.

He was called as a consulting specialist when President Reagan's tumor was treated. Governments around the world have called upon him: Spain, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Russia, Cuba, Italy.

He practiced effectively in Radiation Therapy Departments at University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

And he pioneered a clinic for cancer prevention in Lawrenceville, NJ - patients come by word of mouth to be diagnosed and guided through life by this extraordinary young physician. "Cancers can be prevented, since the majority of them are related to preventable factors: nutrition, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

Simone developed A Healthy Start Program for children to adopt a healthy lifestyle early in life.

How he came to this role - - to this mission - - is the stuff of myth ... the "turning point experience" that permanently directs or redirects the lives of great achievers. He saw cancer ravage his grandfather Anthony's mouth and jaw. With his then limited knowledge, young Simone did what he could, but it was not enough - nor would it have been enough had he been equipped at that early age with his knowledge of chemotherapy, radiation, and immunology. Even surgery would have been too late. But the grandfather said to his earnest grandson, "Fix." And that has been the mission of Dr. Charles Simone - - yes, to fix, but not to fix quickly...to fix by preventing, by educating, by researching, by seeing to it that a normal cell does not transform to a malignant cell.

Charles Simone therefore embodies the finest virtues of the pioneer/entrepreneur. In addition to his intelligence, energy and a set of principles that properly characterize him as a man of powerful character, he is also a driven personality, determined to succeed. He researches, he writes, he practices, he pioneers -- while he pursues a vision that runs counter to the common expectations of Americans that cancer can be cured and that a cure must be just around the corner.

Add to these attributes, a well-organized mind with distinctive leadership qualities, and we are looking at a unique individual.

Anyone who knows Dr. Simone - - knows that his vision will materialize, and that during his lifetime the world at large and America in particular will receive his message, implement his principles - and honor him as a prophet by forcing cancer out of the life experience.